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CIMAS is a consulting company that offers a range of different services within the fields of sales consulting, sales support and sales training.


In addition to this we can offer original, funny drawings that can be used for advertisement and campaigns. Around the world we have a wide network, and this means we can offer translations to and from many different languages. Through our knowledge and expertise our goal is to add value, development and growth among our customers.


We are a small company of only two people. Through the last 25 years one of us has been doing all kind of B2B sales work within different business areas. The other one has through more than 20 years been making funny drawings and cartoons. This very special talent we do believe can be used for advertisement in addition to other related activities.


Now we want to use our experience and expertise to run our own business, hence we can create values both for customers and ourselves. We are small and flexible and thus we can tailor make services and solutions that fit every customer.


Our main market is local, regional and/or domestic customers inside of Norway, but for the right client we also can provide services outside of our basic territory.

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Stig Rune Ofstad

CEO / Consultant

+47 481 11 995

Stig Rune can through his long career within the world of business show a lot of knowledge and experience within sales work and management. Over a long time he has been practising sales work both locally, regionally and nationally as well as internationally. He has been managing people, been a member of management groups and has experience from board management. In the beginning of his career he worked as a teacher, which now is an advantage for his sales training courses.


Highlights from Stig Rune’s higher education is a bachelor degree from BI Business School and a master degree in management from Copenhagen Business School. Beside this he has studied IT and philosophy, and he has also joined a range of sales courses.

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Nils Magne Ofstad

Drawer / Consultant

+47 971 15 979

Since his childhood Nils Magne showed a big interest in drawing and cartoons. This gave him the inspiration and motivation to develop his own talent and style, which helped him creating several different cartoons. Without questions the most famous of these is Helt Nils (Complete Nils), that through many years was a regular cartoon in more than 20 newspapers and magazines in Norway.


The drawings Nils Magne usually make is well known for its comical character, something we do believe can be utilized both for advertisement and in other contexts.


Beside practising drawing Nils Magne works as a teacher for children from other countries, and he owns a master degree in pedagogy. With this background we think he can contribute to give CIMAS a good mix of sales, echonomy, management, comic and pedagogy.

Our services
Sales Consulting

We can look into the overall sales work at your company and identify how well everything is working. Systematically we go through and analyse each part of your sales process in order to disclose what is working well and what could be improved. We contribute with advice and suggestions about how to otimize the setup of your sales organisation.

Sales Support

For a defined period we can join your sales team, either as a sales manager, coach or a regular member. This means that you for a defined period of time can rent a sales resource, which should be very flexible for your company. This agreement could be for some special project, to launch a new product, to run a campaign, to assist and relieve the regular daily sales work or to help and assist you internationally.


We can look into how well you nurse your customer and how good you are at customer relation building. We can look into how well you spend your overall marketing recources, meaning all kind of efforts that support your sales.


The sales support we offer you is very flexible and can be tailor made according to your need.

Sales Training

We offer courses in sales training and we can coach your sales people. The course can be adjusted from a few hours up to several days. This based on your request and demand. If the course should include practical training it must be of a certain minimum period of time.


We can offer funny drawings that could be ironical, satirical or comical. We think that the use of funny drawings can give your advertisement and campaigns a new touch of life and energy. We believe that the drawings could be used in many different contexts. Though the possibilities are infinite we can mention advertisement, campaigns, news-letter, homepage, FB-page, the launching of a new product, internal newspaper and brochures. Only the imagination is the limit!

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Translation Services

Through our large and wide network all over the world, we can offer translation services from/to a range of languages. Just tell us about your need and we will quickly come back to you.

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